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If you are looking for the type of job that works eight hours a day, then you should spend eight hours a day looking for work!

Now, the question which immediately comes to mind following a statement like that is: What could I possibly do regarding job search that would take eight hours a day for more than a couple of days?

The answer to that question is what you will find in these pages.

The links in the text and the icons below will take you to pages that contact more information on each topic.

The first step is to prepare some tools to assist you in your job search. A cover letter contains a quick highlight of your skills and experience; the purpose of a cover letter is to indicate how you meet the requirements of the job so the employer wants to look at your resume for more information about you. The purpose of the resume is to present your accomplishments, experience and abilities in such a way that an employer becomes interested in interviewing you.

While fewer companies are using application forms in their hiring process, they are still a very important part for those who do use them. It is necessary to consider what the employer is wanting to know from each question as you complete the form.

The cover letter, resume and application form are all tools to get you to the all important interview. However, before any of these things can be of use to you, you must know where to look for jobs. 'Job Market' discusses this in detail while 'Job Banks' provides links to internet sites providing listings of jobs.

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