Resume Proof Reading Checklist

Does this resume have:

Yes No 1. name, address and telephone number?

Yes No 2. a clearly stated job objective?

Yes No 3. a heading on pages after the first page?

Yes No 4. a font that is easy to read?

Yes No 5. a format that is easy to read?

Yes No 6. the most relevant information first?

Yes No 7. indication how experience etc. relates to the job objective?

Yes No 8. sub-categories of information laid out so the relationship is clear?

Yes No 9. duties and responsibilities listed as accomplishments?

Yes No 10. references?

Yes No 11. all words in the same tense (ie. -ed or -ing etc.)?

Yes No 12. consistent use of capitals?

Yes No 13. dates laid out from the most recent backwards?

Yes No 14. tab spaces all lined up evenly?

Yes No 15. all spacing consistent?

Yes No 16. towns and provinces listed in a consistent manner?

Yes No 17. dates written in a consistent format?

Yes No 18. job titles highlighted in some way?

Yes No 19. all entries in each category laid out in the same format?

Yes No 20. telephone numbers in a consistent format?

Yes No 21. any large chunks of time unaccounted for?

Yes No 22. any parts unclear to the reader?


Questions 1 - 20 should be answered 'Yes' and 21 - 22 answered 'No'.

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