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I. Hope
999 Nonesuch Avenue
Dawson Creek, BC
V1G 3T8

June 4, 2000

John Smith, Chief of Personnel
The Rolling Transport Company
272 Government Road
Dawson Creek, BC
V1G 2R2

Dear Mr. Smith:

Re: Employment as a Diesel Engine Mechanic's Appretice

I am writing, on recommendation of your yard boss, Jeff Crane, to let you know I am interested in pursuing employment with your company. I am currently in my third year of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Training and Technology's apprenticeship program as a Diesel Engine Mechanic.

As you are aware, this program includes both classroom training and the collection of on-the-job experience hours. The details of my experience and training are included in the attached resume. My first year of hours was obtained with a construction company and my second with a transport company. Through this I learned that I prefer working on trucks.

I would be very glad to meet with you at your convenience. My telephone number is 555-1212. In the meantime, I would be happy to provide andy additional information you may require.

Yours very truly,

I. Hope

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